I haven’t taken the time to properly complete this page yet… so here’s a note from my wordpress profile:

I am a father, husband, youth leader/minister, computer hacker, foster parent, friend, reader, lover of science, aspiring/hopeful writer and most of all a confused but dedicated and Loved child of Jesus Christ.


and here’s my “about you” from my FaceBook profile:

Always stretching for that next step closer to him. Always knowing that the task itself is impossible without him.

I’m a bit of a freak enigma. Decisively and prominently a follower of Christ and severely in love with God and the people of his Church (i.e. everyone). I am also a Boulder, CO native and can’t help being “Liberal” in most aspects of perspective that society would consider when labeling.

I have equal severity of love of God for that of my incredible wife and my two awesome boys Robert and Tyler. They are everything to me.

Life is amazing. Every day we breathe, experience, and live new again. Every struggle we taste, remember, and own. Every moment is worth it. Every second, a glorious gift of grace.


and here’s a picture of my backside with a pink makeshift bandana… because yeah… that’s how I roll!

Comments, Added Confusion

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