I won The Game

Did I ever tell you about the time I won “The Game” game?

By the way – this post has absolutely no spiritual, philosophical or even intrinsic value.

Also – You all just lost the game.

The rules of the game are simple:

1.)  Everyone in the world is playing the game.  A person cannot NOT play the game.  No one can ever stop playing.

2.)  Whenever you think about The Game (existence), you lose.

3.)  Losses must/should be announced to at least one other person at the time of loss – thereby causing your friend to lose the game as well.  Losses may be announced in any way but commonly it is said simply “I lost the game” or “You just lost the game”.

4.)  EXTRA RULE – this rule is highly variable in different factions of friends and sometimes does not exist or apply to a given situation… but… there is a 30 minute “timeout” safety period where a person cannot lose the game again who has just lost it to the same included set of people – regardless of who initiated the point of loss.

The fun part of the game is getting creative in different ways to get your friends to lose the game.  Consider the cartoon chicken above.

I am the only person I know to Win the game.  I’m sure I’m not alone, but I’ve yet to hear of anyone else doing it.

By abusing my 30 minute timeout window I was able to strategically prepare an smtp email script to send a TXT message to 2 of my students every 31 minutes for about 6 hours saying simply “you lost the game” along with other taunting verbiage.  I activated the script just before leaving my computer to enter a situation where I was not reachable by phone but where I knew that they would be.  This allowed me to forget about the script for a long period of time while producing multiple losses for my 2 students Ni and ZkS.  Those of you who know Ni and ZkS (or who can figure out my abbreviated name for them) can ask them for verification of this success.  At the same time, please make sure you say “the game” so that they lose again while I’m not present… thereby causing a secondary or tertiary win for me again.

You may debate this with me – but I believe that I won the game…. for a short period of time.  I have certainly subsequently lost the game many times since then and I will likely never be able to get away with that trick again, but it did work at least once.

The Game

The end.

Reference – Wikipedia “The Game (Mind Game)”

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